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Customer Testimonials

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 "I have to give a testimonial about this because it really blew my mind...I've had migraines my whole life, I've tried everything and am constantly looking for new cures and any natural reliefs if possible, but I still can't live my life without my migraine medicine..I had one all day that I couldn't kick no matter what I did, then much to my surprise, minutes after being in the bath with this gem, it was GONE!" -Sarah Frese


"...I use one lush bath bomb and one @delabeuhh bath bomb with every bath. I love these @delabeuhh bathbombs! The ones with CBD are amazing too. They've been great to use while my back is hurting..." -Instagrammer


"When I need to relax after a long day at work or a long weekend of adventures @delabeuhh always has my back. These bath bomb are F****** BOMB...these will be sure to make relaxed, rejuvenated; and ready for bed." -BluntMaster Kyle


"...The bath bombs were so relaxing the night before our flight!..." -Lil Miss Dabs


"...Absolutely love how relaxed I feel and how baby soft my skin is. Goodbye non-medicated scrubs.." -Syn.Sativa


"Your Bath Fizz transforms me to moosh and I love it! Doubled two bags up, my senses are very happy! I inhale one smell and exhale another!" -April


"If you haven't gotten your hands on some #delabeuh products you're just living an incomplete but really like I always say #delabeuhislife...I pinky promise you won't be disappointed..." -Destini