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The New World of CBD

Leanna F

The New World of CBD: Featuring

De La Beuh Products

Hemp CBD

Hemp CBD

We are here to help you navigate through the wonderful but confusing world of CBD. We have all seen wellness stores, day spas and even health food stores being flooded with CBD products! We know you want to go over some of the basics of buying CBD as a consumer, so you can feel comfortable purchasing products. In this blog you will learn where to buy the products you are looking for, and how to differentiate products to find what is best for your individual needs. It is important to note that everyone is different, you will need to use trial and error to find your perfect dose. A common misconception is that you need high doses of CBD to notice the benefits, when in reality studies have shown that using a smaller amount of CBD more often (micro-dosing) is actually more effective. It is always important to find the perfect dose for you, and the only way to do this is trial and error!

Where to buy CBD; CBD Stores and Retailers

There are so many places you can buy CBD, as big box stores are now starting to carry CBD body products. The first step in a good consumer experience is to start buying your CBD from the right places, but what are the right places? We have some options for you!

-Directly from a reputable brands website like De La Beuh - - once you have vetted the products you love AND trust, it may be the easiest option to purchase your favorite CBD products directly from your favorite brands website. The only downfall is you have to wait for the product to be shipped to you, and shipping costs are incurred. Make sure your favorite brands have a Certificate of Analysis (COA)* for their products, which we will go over later in the blog!

- Licensed Dispensary - This is where you can find highly regulated; high quality CBD products. Not all states in the United states have licensed dispensaries yet. It is important to make sure the dispensary you are going to is licensed, otherwise they may carry untested products! Some of our favorite licensed dispensaries carrying De La Beuh are Greenwolf in Los Angeles, California; Care Collective in Long Beach, California; THC Dispensary in Patterson, California; and Chronic Collective in Long Beach, California.

-CBD Store / Online CBD retailers - regulated by store owners, and the state; usually very high quality artisan products. Some of our favorite boutique CBD stores are The Antidote on Melrose Avenue, and Green Market CBD online boutique.

-Wellness Spa - Many professional spas are now starting to role out CBD products! Here are some of our favorite day spas carrying De La Beuh, where you can get a CBD massage with our CBD Massage Oil:

Mount View Spa Calistoga

Farmhouse Inn

Archer Spa

If you are looking for the best CBD bath bomb, then you definitely need to stop by one of the places mentioned above! The next step, is a step that the store may take care of for you- making sure the products you are using have a Certificate of Analysis*. This means that the brand paid for their products to be tested at a scientific laboratory to make sure they are:

1. dosing their products correctly

2. that the products are free of contaminants and foreign materials.

Companies may have their raw material (CBD) tested first for everything from potency to contaminants and mold; and then have each batch of products then tested for potency. De La Beuh Body uses isolate because we know that the product is over 99% pure leaving no room for contaminants or THC to be detected.

Different types of CBD Products

The first thing to note is that if you are looking for a completely THC free product then do not touch any products that say full or broad spectrum because they may have trace amounts of THC or even more in some cases (look to see if the label says THC-FREE). To be absolutely positive you will not fail a drug test, use products with Pure CBD Isolate, or Cannabis Sativa Oil (Hemp Oil).

Isolate- CBD isolate is a pure form of CBD - it has been separated from all of the other cannabinoids. In other words, the CBD has been extracted from the hemp plant, and then isolated so there are no other Cannabinoids or particles in the end raw material.

Water soluble isolate is CBD isolate, but the particle has been encapsulated and broken down into nano-particles, which makes it able to dissolve in liquid/water.

Full and Broad spectrum CBD- The raw material or extract contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids from the hemp (or cannabis) plant it came from, which may include small amounts of CBG and CBN and possibly even THC.

Hemp Oil/Cannabis Sativa Oil- Made from hemp seeds. Contains NO CBD- or any other cannabinoids for that matter. Do not confuse this for “CBD oil” as many companies are adding this to their products labels as a marketing technique. While hemp oil may have its own string of benefits, as it contains antioxidants and fatty acids, it is not the same as CBD Oil.d

De La Beuh Bath Bomb - So Zen

De La Beuh Bath Bomb - So Zen